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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. satinsheetdreams
Member since: 05/09/06
Certified Genuine
Couple Him: Straight
Her: Bi Curious

Mail History Drinks
He:  45   6'2   200
She: 39   5'11   158
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Interest Levels
Tame 3 on a scale of 0-4     Couples 4 on a scale of 0-4
Moderate 3 on a scale of 0-4     Males
Wild 3 on a scale of 0-4     Females 4 on a scale of 0-4
Desired Age Range
21 to 49
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  • Drinkers OK
  • Smokers OK
    We Know What You Want ...A Little Sexy Play! Fantasy Island Pool Party - July 23rd

    Short Tag Line:
    We Know What You Want ...A Little Sexy Play! Fantasy Island Pool Party - July 23rd

    I/We are looking for
    We love meeting new people, making new friends, and hosting fun parties!!!

    You can RSVP for our parties at our website! Be sure to add yourself to our guest lists here on SLS so others can see who is attending!

    If you would like to attend one of our parties be sure to sign up here on SLS under events and on our website on the guest list. All of our event invitations and info is always sent to your regular e-mail address not your SLS E-Mail.

    Describe Yourself:
    Where Dreams and Fantasy Come Together!

    We host upscale events throughout the northeast at some of the best and most exciting and fun locations. All of our events are for couples and unescorted females and are by invitation only.

    On nights we are not hosting one of our events you can find us at our friend's clubs. Be sure to ask us where we are headed this weekend!

    We are very easy going and you will never feel any pressure from us or at our events and look for the same in other couples. If we all click when we meet and agree on moving towards "more fun" then watch out!

    Soft swap or Full swap, foursomes, moresomes with other couples, sorry no single men. We enjoy dinner, drinks, dancing and knowing that it is leading to some hot sex makes it even better! We don't just hop into bed with every couple or after one drink, we enjoy the social aspects and flirting too much to just cut straight to the sex! If we can not hold a conversation with you why would we want to get naked with you?

    We are a playful easy going couple that can have fun no matter where we go or what we're doing. From jeans and a beer over pool or darts to a suit and that little black dress over wine and champagne at a fine restaurant.

    We are 100% committed to each other and love being part of the lifestyle! We never play alone or even in separate rooms, we belive the best experiences are the things we do together!

    She is tall (5 11), adventurous, sensual, sexual, and loves to dance. He is attractive, smart, and has a great sense of humor. We are both very comfortable in expressing what it is we like and don't like in and out of the bedroom and love to explore.

    We are very "lifestyle" knowledgeable so if you ever have any questions no matter how silly they sound feel free to ask us. They don't have to be about us or our events they can be anything lifestyle related. If you are new to the lifestyle be sure to read our certifications as we pride ourselves on helping people understand the lifestyle and all it has to offer!

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    We would love to head off for a weekend in Montreal, Atlantic City, Caliente, or even just an out of town lifestyle club with the right couple or couples. If you are interested drop us a line!

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    If you'd like to be in on the fun, be sure to visit our website and sign up for the guest list and join our group here on SLS!!

    If you like what you see and think you may be interested, drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you. Please send a pic of both people along if you don't already have one here. Thx!